Velchais, Country of Marvels


Just off the shore of the western continent lies Velchais, the country of marvels. It is most well known for its endless pursuit of knowledge due to the nation's early connections with Falene. In the later days of the war for Telaria, Falene was known to have taken on a great many assistants to help with her work. Of these many was a young man named Richter Velchais, a man who came to be known as the Father of Science and Falene's Chosen. Richter quickly came to prominence within the followers of Falene for his excessive curiosity and genius. Unlike the others who simply wished to assist with their patron's preservation of knowledge, Richter instead wanted to explore new and exciting ways to interact with the world. His drive impressed Falene and she chose to make him first of her disciples. After her departure from Telaria for the realm of heaven, Richter set out to find a way to follow her and continue their work. Over the course of his lifetime, he managed to piece together the secrets of godhood and ascend to the heavens to be with his patron. Out of respect for his ideals and his achievements, academics of the world created the country of Velchais as his namesake.



In the southwest region of Velchais lies the capital city of Ald'vos. As a coastal city and the home of the University of Craynewall it is naturally the hub for commerce and culture in the country. The inhabitants of the city consist primarily of University researchers and their hired laborers, though it is also a hotspot for tourism in the country. In the center of the city lays the University of Craynewall, split into five distinct districts with each district housing departments relating to similar goals. Starting from the northwest and moving clockwise the districts are as follows: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences, and Magical Research. Heading the college is a council made up of a representative from each district of the university. These representatives act as spokespersons for the various departments of their districts and run Craynewall as a collective. Velchais itself has it's own ruling family, though they tend to defer to the University council when it comes time for decision-making.



The technologically advanced people of Velchais have traditionally never involved themselves in the barbaric conflicts of the world. Instead they have chosen to pursue research in their fields of choice, widely ranging from study of the theories of magecraft to production of new technological wonders. This has led to a highly advanced society where intellectuals are valued over all else. Despite the many fields of research, all citizens of Velchais hope to recreate Richter's ascent to godhood. Though most would think this would lead to the country having the weakest military force, that is far from the truth. Velchais' emphasis on research and development has led to the most advanced weaponry of the known world. Guns more accurate and far less prone to jamming cut down any who may wish to invade on foot, and advanced seige engines deter invasion by sea.  Should any force make their way past these initial defenses, they will then be forced to face a horde of inhuman automatons.  Velchais is not a country to be taken lightly.


Richter Velchais – LN God of Science and Education; Domain – Construct, Education, Medicine, Thought.  Favored Weapon: Spear, Syringe

Velchais, Country of Marvels

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