The Creation Myth of Telaria

In the beginning, there was only one god and his servants.  Ohdis, the tyrant lord, cared little for the mortals inhabiting his world.  All were but playthings in his eyes, to be used according to his whims.  Among his earliest creations were those he created to attend him in his palace on Telaria's moon.  These subordinates were to serve as the vessel of his will and ensure that his needs were met.  However not all were satisfied with their existence, and one in particular enacted a plan to change the balance of power.  Ohdis' Right Hand, sick of the mistreatment of both mortals and Ohdis' own servants, decided to enlist the help of six mortals in dethroning the tyrant.  These mortals were chosen for their affinity for various aspects of their world.  The First was kind and just in a way Ohdis could never be, refusing to bend her knee to his overwhelming power.  The Second was strong and fearless, and endlessly tested himself against mightier and mightier foes.  The Third lived in tune with the natural world, and extended what limited protection he could to the wildnerness around him.  The Fourth was a lovable rogue, constantly finding her way out of sticky situations by the skin of her teeth.  The Fifth possessed an unusually inquisitive mind and wished to fully explore the mysteries of the world around her.  The Last was a quiet soul, endlessly searching for a truly peaceful existence, yet only seeing it in the emptiness of death.

With these six as allies, the Right Hand intended to siphon Ohdis' power and make it theirs.  With this power, the group would be able to defeat Ohdis and bring peace to their world.  However, even the best laid plans are vulnerable to outside influence.  Ohdis' servants had caught wind of the group's treachery and interrupted them as they entered the seat of his power.  As the only one capable of standing up to their fellow servants, the Right Hand stayed behind as the six advanced to the source of Ohdis' power.  Despite their noble sacrifice, the Right Hand was unable to hold Ohdis' forces back long enough for the theft to be complete, so the group escaped with only a portion of the stolen power.  Still, in time this would prove to be enough for them to fight back.

Without the Right Hand, the group found themselves directionless.  The six had not come up with the scheme against Ohdis, and their failure weighed heavily on them.  It was then that the First decided to take charge.  The Right Hand had not been alone for their plans she reasoned, so neither must they be.  They would take to the mortal realm and raise an army mighty enough to push back the forces that ruled their world.  Though the others feared that mortals would be unable to stand up to the might of Ohdis, the Fifth explained that with the power they had stolen, Ohdis and his forces had become weak enough to fight against.  The group would split up, spreading their stolen prize amongst the other mortals, empowering and recruiting a force mighty enough to vanquish Ohdis and his servants.  With this in mind, the Six spread throughout the world to build an army with which to finally vanquish the dark god.

Each of the Six valued different forms of strength in their followers, and chose to spread their divine energy in ways they felt the most useful useful.  The First went to her favored people, the humans, and sought out their versatility for her forces.  Granted the ability to adapt to any situation, the humans made for valuable soldiers and leaders.  It is from these humans that the First gained her divine name, Tethys, given as a sign of respect from mankind to their benefactor.  The Second valued strength above all else, and chose to increase the physical prowess those used as grunt workers for his army.  As such, his troops were primarily made up of Orcs and Dwarves.  From them he was given the divine name of Aldous.  Due to his love of nature, the Third decided to attune his chosen to chaotic wilderness, and the Elves and bestial races chose to join him.  His divine name was to be Dozmeus, and he was made ruler of the natural world.  Contrary to her peers, the Fourth cared little for direct combat, instead preferring to dispatch her foes with a number of cunning tricks.  Becoming fleet of foot and masters of the shadows, the halfings and all of goblinkind came to her side and gave her the divine name of Edra.  Together they would strike silently into the heart of Ohdis' forces.  As an intellectual, the Fifth held vested interest in the power of magic and seeked to fill her forces with any possessing arcane might.  Those who followed her were gifted with elemental blood, and she was given the divine name of Falene.  The Last did not wish to upset the balance of the mortal realm, instead seeking the unempowered to share his quest for peace.  With him the half-breeds and the misfits found solace, and gave him the divine name of Edros.  With their forces assembled, the newly named Six were finally ready to take the fight to Ohdis.

Though weakened by his Right Hand, Ohdis was not powerless when war came to his doorstep.  With his power he matched the Six and their armies, but could not hold out forever.  Step by step Ohdis and his forces were pushed further and further back until finally they were cornered at the seat of his power in his lunar city of Kospis.  Out of desperation Ohdis decided to destroy Telaria and start anew, creating a world free from the influence of the Six.  Pressed for time and unable to find a way to stop Ohdis, the Six were stuck watching their swiftly approaching demise.  It was then that Falene came up with a plan.  If they could not kill Ohdis directly, then they would use his position against him and sever his influence on their lives once and for all.  With no other options, the six pooled their strength and shifted the orbit of Telaria's two moons.  Their scheme was pulled off with nary a minute to spare, as the two collided seconds before Ohdis could finish his preparations for a new world.  In desperation and fear, Ohdis instead used his built up power to protect his realm from being destroyed.  Though the second moon survived, the force of impact sent it hurtling out into the cold recesses of space, never to be seen again.  With the destroyed remnants of the first moon the Six built a ring around the newly freed Telaria as a sign showing that their world would never again have to fear Ohdis' power.

With Ohdis gone, the Six felt they no longer belonged in Telaria.  Their power was far too strong without a counterbalance and would affect the world they loved in ways they could never predict.  Bidding their world goodbye, the Six left the material plane and made a home for themselves in the outer planes, founding what is now known as Heaven.  Though they are gone from the world of Telaria, the Six and their struggles will never be forgotten.

The Creation Myth of Telaria

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