Ohdis and the Dark Star

Seated on his black throne, Ohdis waits patiently as his world hurtles through the vast emptiness of space.  This came about as a consequence of being unseated from his position of power by the newly risen gods of the Tethysian Pantheon.  During their fight the Six managed to banish both him and the seat of his power from the orbit of the planet using the belief of their followers.  Unknown to them however, Ohdis yet lives.  Even now as he hurtles through the emptiness of space Ohdis plans his return.  In an attempt to lay out the groundwork for his return, Ohdis has contacted powerful oracles on Telaria to carry out his bidding.  It is through them that he intends to create a unique set of circumstances that will allow for his eventual return.

In the heart of Ohdis' palace lies the Well of Souls, the true source of his divinity.  Due to its role in the creation of mortal life it is intrinsically linked to all mortal souls.  When mortals die and pass on to the afterlife their souls can briefly be interacted with inside the Well.  Ohdis has spent millennia using the well to carefully siphon back lost power from the dead that pass through his realm.  Though a subtle and reliable method, the amount taken per soul requires Ohdis to wait thousands of years for his full return to power.

Guarding the lunar city of Kospis are Ohdis' earliest creations, the Daemons.  Little is known about these ancient monsters except for their aptitude for murder and appetite for mortals.  Reports are split between Ohdis' followers on whether or not any Daemons remain on Telaria.  Some claim that they were all banished with their god, while other groups claim they house the remaining ones in their shelters.  Only time will which of these claims are true.

Followers of Ohdis are few and far between on Telaria and live lives of great secrecy.  Shunning cities as gathering places for followers of false gods, Ohdis' followers instead choose to sequester themselves in the forgotten wastes of the world where few may find them.  By doing this Ohdis' followers are forced to live in extreme poverty and hardship.  Overcoming these adversities has served to temper their faith as they set about their ultimate goal.  Each sect is led by an oracle contacted by Ohdis, and through them they may commune with their lord.  Their sole mission in life is to prepare the world for their lord's arrival in return for promises of prominent positions in his divine court.  To do so they must create and send into motion a prophecy of their lord's return, though one has yet to be successfully completed.  Despite their many failures, the followers persist in their goals as their patience, much like their patron's, is infinite.

Ohdis – LE God of Order and Control, Ruler of Kospis and Daemons; Domain – Void, Daemon, Moon, Souls.  Favored Weapon: Glaive

Ohdis and the Dark Star

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