The Dark Six

The dark six are the dark mirror to the primary six deities of Azluth.  Rather than being seperate entities, they are instead aspects of the gods brought out by the negative qualities of those who worship them.  As such, their alignments are flipped to the evil end of the scale and they embody similar aspects to the primary gods.  For the sake of clarity the six have been assigned their own names.

Eris/Tethys – LE Goddess Of Tyranny and Conquest; Domain – Tyranny, Slavery, Purity, Judgement

Xeemis/Aldous – LE God of Power; Domain – Rage, Ferocity, Hubris, War

Ustus/Dozmeus – CE God of Chaos; Domain – Chaos, Demon, Catastrophe, Growth

Atrus/Edra – NE Goddess of Addiction; Domain – Greed, Entropy, Loss, Thievery

Dehla/Falene – NE Goddess of Deceit; Domain – Trickery, Espionage, Deception, Venom

Ribros/Edros – CE God of Slaughter; Domain – Murder, Death, Blood, Nightmare

The Dark Six

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